Idea Validation

In order to turn your idea into reality, it is mandatory to check the feasibility of your idea much before presenting it in the market. Idea Validation is the term given to a group of different methods which are used to check the validation of any idea or plan which is to be implemented.

Market Research

A market research is performed to realize the response and reactions of the audience on the launch of an idea. This method has been doing the rounds since a very long time and is used worldwide to gain insights regarding the product.This method includes a group of random people who are made to use your product or service and to analyze their views after using it. Their response is collected and analyzed based on which improvements are done. This procedure actually falls under the decision- making process.

Business Planning

IdeaGranth gives assistance in planning your business goals. A well planned, step by step procedure always brings out positive results and we, at Idea Granth, help you to identify those steps and provide support in each phase of development. If we see very carefully, the business planning stage is not just the initial stage of development but the most important stage as it involves all the decision making methods. It actually forms the base of the whole business. Idea Granth understands the importance of a startup in a person’s life and his dedication towards developing it; therefore, we help you with the best of tools and strategies from the industry to assist you in achieving your business goals.

Fund Raising

Thinking of starting a new business does not only involve time and energy but the most important thing it requires is the funds to start it. If you have a business plan and you are not able to work on it just because you are hard up of enough money then IdeaGranth is the perfect place for you. There are many investors in the network of IdeaGranth who are willing to assist you in your journey of achieving new heights. We connect you with the most reliable fundraisers of the industry because we comprehend with your willingness towards your goal.