Why should I share my idea with IG?

IG is a great platform for initiating start-ups by providing the clients with services like Idea Validation, Market Research, Legal & Financial Advice and Business Planning and Fundraising. We help young and dedicated entrepreneurs to connect with suitable investors to turn their ideas into reality. We assist you in connecting and collaborating with the investors directly to process your innovative ideas. IG platform is also for those who have ideas but don’t have time to work upon it. In that case ideas of the client will be picked by IG team and a share of profit will be provided to Idea provider once an investor is found for implementing it.

Is my idea safe with IG?

The IG team makes use of great measures and tools to protect the data from unauthorized access or leakage. We are reliable when it comes to the privacy and security of confidential data.

What if the same idea is proposed by different persons?

In case the team receives same or similar ideas, it will be judged according to a time stamp. The person who submits it first will be considered as the authorized owner of the idea.