Market Validation – Does anybody need your answer?


Just like the Idea Validation, a Market Validation is also an important part when we think about implementing an idea. Market Validation involves different processes to identify the target market for your idea. It involves surveys, interviews, polls and different forms of interacting with the target customers to know their views regarding your idea. It needs to be performed before executing your idea.

One thing that needs to be kept in mind while performing market validation is that you should never forget that your idea is being implemented for the customers and not just for profit. Your idea should surround the needs of the customers. If you are clear with this vision, your market validation will definitely bring out positive results.

Methods like cold calling and online advertising are much beneficial to check out the market validity. These are great ways to get in touch with the right target market and grasp their views and suggestions on improving the current idea.

Another thing which needs your focus is the question set or the queries which you will need to ask during the interaction with the audience. Remember that these questions are the only way to evaluate the validity, therefore, be precise and relevant to your questions.



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