How IdeaGranth Works - 3 Magical Steps

Post It

Have an idea? Well, give us a chance to explore your idea and we will assist you in turning it into reality. Share your idea with us by a simple log in and post it on the website.

Own It

Once you post your Idea on IdeaGranth, you will become the owner of it and if we receive same or similar idea afterwards, the idea will be considered as yours.

Earn From It

Once your idea is worked upon and found feasible, we will connect you with the most reliable investors from the industry to develop your idea into a business start-up. Start earning, start rejoicing..

Popular Categories

IdeaGranth supports ideas from each and every field. Below are some of the renowned sectors though you may select other in case industry to which your idea pertains is not listed and mention that manually. We welcome ideas relating to social cause and theories as well.


IdeaGranth is a prominent firm which supports and promotes ideas submitted by the clients and help them out in implementing it. We assist our clients in their journey of turning their project into reality by providing assistance in every phase of development. Our procedure includes the submission of ideas in a detailed manner. Once the idea gets approved by the team, the client needs to wait for an investor to begin the process of development.

IdeaGranth’s mission is to strengthen entrepreneurship and national business through innovation and finding the right investors for your idea. This is done by analyzing your idea and generating the real value in front of the investors.

IdeaGranth is a chief and trusted partner for those who are interested in – and committed to – launching successful ideas, from entrepreneurs, managers of start-up companies and researchers to investors. The platform is also designed for people who have brilliant, innovative ideas but are currently hard up of time and money to execute it. Once the idea gets approved by the IG team, it will get implemented and a share of profit will be provided to the idea provider.

Easiest Way To Get Services


Work on your idea, figure out the problem/s your idea is solving and submit the plan with complete details at IG Platform. We strive to make you achieve your business goals.


We provide our clients with services like Idea Validation, Market Validation, Legal & Financial Advices from the experts, Business Planning and Fundraising. We support our clients throughout their journey.


Submit your idea at IG platform, we will then support you to convert your dreams turn into reality. Your accomplishment is our satisfaction.


Share your wonderful experience with us once your idea turns into reality. People may learn from your experience and get encouraged to pursue their dreams.

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